SPS is building three new schools and they want you to name them!

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Public Schools (SPS) is building three new middle schools and a new On Track Academy facility, and they want public input coming up with names for all of them!

You can submit names on the Spokane Public Schools website.

There will be new middle schools built on North Foothills Drive, just across the street south of Gonzaga Prep; one located at Joe Albi Stadium, with the venue being replaced by a smaller, multi-purpose sports venue; and the last right next door to Mullan Road on the South Hill.

SPS will take name suggestions online through February 2021, then a screening committee will review submissions and choose three finalist names for each school in March. The School Board will then vote on the official names for the schools.

Their guidelines for the best names include:

  • Logical association with the new school (e.g. Lidgerwood, Bemiss; location or function)
  • Significant individual or event (e.g. Chase, Glover, Ferris, etc.)
  • Prominent local geographic feature (e.g. Moran Prairie, Ridgeview)

Once the names are picked, SPS encourages the community to help decide on a mascot for their school.