Sprague flooding continues

Sprague flooding continues

Water is moving quicker than they can get the sandbags down, the city passed out a thousand sandbags to residents but most are still at risk of flooding.

Right now the west end of the city is in bad shape.

“This is the end of the flooding that’s going to come out of Spokane,” said Kevin Hannah who lives in Sprague.

Hannan is sandbagging around his home, but the water just keeps coming.

“It’s risen easily four inches in two hours,” said Hannan.

He has removed some of the valuables from his house, expecting most of it to flood.

“It just started coming up int a small closet,” said Hannah.

Down the road, his neighbor’s basement is already full of water.

The city is attempting to control the flood waters but admit, they are having a hard time.

“We got another 10 inch pump in the water in the creek down there, hopefully that will relieve some of the problem,” said Chris Canaday, the city public works director.

Downtown, they expect the creek to overflow even more than it already has.

“Along the side of the creek here we’re putting a wrinkle of sand,” said Sheriff Wade Magers of Lincoln county.

They’re hopeful that barrier will help the water bypass the downtown and save homes and businesses nearby.

However residents downstream at the west end are expecting the worst.