Parasport Spokane provides wheelchairs for Hoopfest

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hoopfest is an event for everyone, no matter your age or ability.

Parasport Spokane works to make sure those with some limitations are able to safely and comfortably have a great time. 

For four years they've been providing basketball chairs to children and adults who rely on them.

The specialized wheelchairs make it easier for athletes to turn.

And a fifth wheel in the back ensures that they do not tip over backwards.

Parasport has fourteen teams in Spokane, with athletes training in the wheelchairs twice a week.

This is six-year-old Jeff Coy's first Hoopfest.

But even though he's one of the younger players, he's a pro.

He's able to keep control of both the basketball chair and the ball.

"I usually do one hand and then I push too, at the same time, so when I'm getting close to shoot, and there's somebody around me, I just pass."

Parasport says wheelchair basketball is a great way for children with disabilities to see their potential.