Hoopfest-goers react to surprise Kevin Durant appearance

Spokane reacts to Kevin Durant's...

SPOKANE, Wash. - To even get a glimpse of a legend like Kevin Durant is the chance of a lifetime for many.

But KD didn't just come for a photo-op.

He also talked with the crowd about how he made his dreams come true, and played a little three-on-three with some very lucky young players.

To say the crowd was excited would obviously be an understatement. Fans were on their feet when they saw Kevin Durant walking through the Hoopfest courts from the Davenport Grand, making his way to Nike Center Court. 

Players from all over Hoopfest rushed to center court to try and get a look.

Durant is no stranger to the state of Washington, he started his career here with the Seattle Supersonics before they were relocated to Oklahoma City.

Fans say it was amazing to see him back in the area.

"It's crazy, he's originally from Seattle playing for the supersonics, so that's pretty cool to see him back here," said one fan. 

"We heard him get called out while we were playing. I heard them say 'KS's coming,' and I was like 'what?'" said another. 

Security had to work hard to keep fans from rushing the court in hopes to get an autograph.

Durant told the Hoopfest crowd he was happy to be back in the state where he started his career, and urged his young fans in the crowd to work hard for their dreams.