Downtown construction changes Hoopfest layout this year

SPOKANE, Wash. - There are a lot of changes at this year's Hoopfest. With so much of Riverfront Park under construction, organizers had to do some adjusting. 

Finding vendors, center court, or a trip to the Hoopfest shop, take a little bit more effort this year. 

"We were kind of having trouble getting to where we needed to go just because it is a lot different from before," said spectator Ashton Sitko. 

Some struggling with the new layout, others say it's no problem. 

"It's definitely more complicated this year. I feel like the age groups are usually more together, but this year they're more spread out, so that there's older kids and younger kids and it's kind of weird," said spectator Calli Stutheite. 

"It's a great commute to be able to walk through the park at any rate, so i think that there's not too much of a difficulty in getting around," said Jensen Becker, who has played in 14 Hoopfests.

Vendors say at first, the new location was a bit of a struggle. 

"Yesterday, it was a rough business day with registration being so far away from the food booths. We didn't get much traffic and then with the construction in the park, it didn't bring in the downtown employees like it did in other years," said Kami Schiller with Baja Bowl.

But, things have turned around, and customers are figuring out the lay of the land. 

Regardless of any struggles finding your destination, everyone says it doesn't distract from the love of the game. 

"Hoopfest is my favorite time of the year. I usually play, but i didn't get a team together fast enough, so i couldn't this year, but this is my favorite time of the year," said Stutheite. 

"We're all just happy to be here and be able to play basketball and enjoy ourselves this summer, you know," said Becker.

And if you are really struggling to find out where to go this year, the Nike Hoopfest App can help you find any destination. 

You can download that to keep track of your favorite teams as well.