First-time NCAA excitement for Gonzaga freshmen

BOISE, Idaho - With a roster full of veterans and a 20-year streak of receiving NCAA Tournament bids, not many Gonzaga basketball players don't have any tournament experience. 

Zach Norvell Jr. was there to see and experience the run the championship game in 2017, but he took a redshirt year and didn't play. 

"I'm really excited," said Norvell Jr. "You know, last year the run those guys had and to finally be a part of it this year is really big. Also, I've been watching it my whole life so I'm excited to get out there."

It's a little different for true freshman Corey Kispert, who was playing at King's High School in Edmonds this time last year.

It's a unique situation; not many players on the Gonzaga roster this year haven't played in the NCAA tournament. With so many veterans and a 20-year streak of making it to the Grand Finale of the post-season.

Though Zach Novell Jr. was there to see and experience it all last year, he took a redshirt year, and did not play. For true freshman Corey Kispert and Norvell Jr., the expectation on this team to make it back every year does not dim their excitement.

Corey Kispert: "You know it's a lot different, you know actually being here and having to do media instead of sitting at home and filling out brackets with your friends, I definitely like this version a lot better."

Zach Norvell Jr.: "I'm really excited, you know last year the run those guys