Keith Osso reports of Eastern Washington native Cooper Kupp and how his family, coaches, and he think about the amazing NFL season he's had thus far

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Cooper Kupp’s record-breaking season started in the offseason when the Rams traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The excitement spilled over into training camp when Cooper told his parents this season could be a big one.

“They’re really like-minded how they approach the thinking part of football and the adjustments and that kind of stuff,” his dad Craig Kupp said. “He said something’s different here and he just felt like there was more of a reliance. And they were going to him when they needed something to happen.”

Cooper is a goal-oriented person who once said if people aren’t laughing or questioning those goals, they aren’t high enough. That’s where he was going into the season.

“The goal is to be perfect and understanding and allowing yourself the grace to know you’re going to fall short of that but pushing yourself every single point of the process that it will reflect what those goals are and what you want to achieve,” Cooper said.

The season started well and never slowed down. Even as teams started to pregame to slow him down, he continued to stay open.

His former Eastern Washington University football coach Beau Baldwin said that was spot-on for who Cooper is as a player.

“First off, he understands when it’s a zone where to sit, where to become QB friendly. And, he has such a great indicator at the top of his route of which way he’s breaking and where he’s going. And then he just knows how to win at the top of routes. I mean, it doesn’t matter who it’s against,” Baldwin said.

Now with a near-complete season, Cooper put together the best single receiving season in the history of the NFL. That includes winning the Receiving Triple-Crown. He’s only the fourth player to do that and it’s been 16 years since the last time it happened.

“Me, not being all into the stats and who’s who and all that, just someone else will post something on Facebook and I’m like ‘wow it takes a while to process really what he’s done, does not surprise me, but it is unbelievable,” Cooper said.

Baldwin said he just shakes his head when he sees the numbers Cooper is putting up.

“I was like, this isn’t even real. I mean seriously, this is NFL football,” Baldwin said.

It’s been a fun five-month rise for the people close to him, like his dad.

“It’s obviously, it’s been a blast for us to experience the season with him and see what he’s done,” Craig said.

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