Spokanimal closing veterinary clinic

Spokanimal closing veterinary clinic

Spokaninal C.A.R.E. announced on its Facebook page that the non-profit will be closing its veterinary clinic on February 9.

The non-profit states that it continuously evaluates how it can do the most for the animal while remaining financially viable.

In late 2013, Spokanimal lost its contract for animal control within the city limits of Spokane. That contract supplied Spokanimal with 60% of its annual funding.

At the time, then executive director Gail Mackie said the organization would focus on adoptions and the clinic.

Mackie stepped down as executive director in 2016 after 32 years of service.

Since the loss of the animal control contract, Spokanimal has brought in animals from shelters across the northwest and even California and offered then for adoption.

While the Dorothy Clark Animal Center closes on Friday, one veterinarian and one veterinarian technician will remain on staff to care for the shelter’s animals and complete all of the scheduled spay/neuter appointments and other care.