Spokane’s NAACP president calls for unity as nation braces for change

SPOKANE, Wash. — The president of Spokane’s NAACP chapter has a message for community members in response to recent riots at the U.S. Capitol and ahead of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. 

“What we saw last week is not the dream of America, but it has too often been the practice of America,” said Kiantha Duncan, NAACP president. 

Her statement goes on to describe the insurrection at the Capitol, while also referencing a reminder: Violence like that is nothing new to communities who have dealt with discrimination their entire lives, and typically comes on the forefront of change. 

Duncan’s statement comes at a pivotal time for the nation.  

“In the wake of the insurrection of our country’s Capitol building and in the eve of the administration transition, we continue to stand with our nation,” said Duncan. “Through Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Redlining, Mass Incarceration and racial profiling, NAACP has stood with America through dark, turbulent moments in our nation’s history, and 2021 is not an exception.” 

“As we prepare for this transition of power, no matter your political affiliation, we ask that as a community we remain bold, yet civil,” she added. 

Duncan says the NAACP won’t be hosting its usual MLK Day celebration this year because of the pandemic, though future collaborations with the MLK and Carl Maxey Centers will work to pay tribute year round. 

You can read Duncan’s full statement HERE.