Spokane’s homeless face bitter cold overnight temperatures

Spokane’s homeless face bitter cold overnight temperatures
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Frigid temperatures are making life even more difficult for Spokane’s homeless population.

Several shelters are offering a place to sleep and warm up, but the demand is high. A House of Charity employee said some people had to been turned away due to limited space inside the shelter.

“Dealing with the cold is one thing, but conversation and laughter among friends out here warms us up a lot of times out here,” said Mark Williams. Williams, who is homeless, refuses to fall asleep on the frozen streets because he’s worried he won’t wake up.

“Walk around, stay physical, just stay active,” Williams said. “Don’t let your body slow down.”

For days, Cheryl Palmer has slept under the Browne Street bridge in a collection of blankets she found while dumpster diving. She burns hand sanitizer in a metal can for extra warmth.

On the icy streets, some find warmth in the kindness of others. Crystal Burgett and several other volunteers served black-eyed peas and ham soup to hundreds of people on the street Monday.

“To give them something to feed that inside energy is good,” Burgett said.