Spokane’s General Store hosts shopping spree for kids who lost everything in Malden fire

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s something no person, let alone child, should ever have to face; watching your home and belongings be turned to ashes.

“You can’t move backwards, you have to keep going forward,” said Jace Lindgren-Miller.

At just eight years old, he’s already wise beyond his years.

When a fire swept through Malden back in September, many of the town’s residents were left without a home. Jace says he and his family lost everything. It’s why Saturday’s shopping spree at Spokane’s General Store was particularly special.

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Through its ‘Round up for Malden/Pine City’ drive, the General Store on N. Division managed to collect enough donations to host a shopping trip for 55 kids whose homes were devastated by the flames.

Those children were each given roughly $140 to spend on whatever they wanted in the store.

The store coordinated with Pine Creek Restoration Group to make the event possible.

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