Spokane’s “garbage goat” is here to stay

Spokane’s “garbage goat” is here to stay

Spokane’s famed “garbage-eating goat” will be unaffected by a changing Riverfront Park.

In an ever-evolving park in downtown Spokane, it’s hard to know what elements of our past will be a part of our future.

But the famed “garbage-eating goat” is going no where.

Of all Lilac City landmarks, there’s a special place in the heart of all Spokanites for the Garbage Eating Goat.

“It’s an integral part of downtown,” said resident Nico Hakes. “I remember coming down here when I was a little kid. Put some trash in there…it’s basically a part of downtown. It’s like the clock tower, you can’t get rid of it.”

For all the foreseeable future, he’ll be kept from the public, isolated, and probably hungry, but safe.