Spokane’s first cat cafe opens kitty lounge, in-door services

Spokane’s first cat cafe announces grand opening

SPOKANE, Wash. — Kitty Cantina officially opened its cafe Monday, allowing customers to grab coffee and snacks inside, while cuddling up next to a cat.

This is the first cat cafe in Spokane.

The project started about three years ago, co-owner Justyn Cozza told 4 News Now. The cafe was originally supposed to open in April, but the pandemic delayed the plans.

“It’s obviously exciting, there’s a lot of mixed emotions. I’m incredibly tired, but it’s worth it,” he said.

Cozza partnered with SpokAnimal, fostering up to 12 cats at a time at the cafe. The kitty lounge is separate from the cafe itself for health reasons. Cats are not allowed in the cafe, but customers can bring their food and drinks into the lounge if they’d like.

“When folks come in here and enjoy their food or drink with a cat, maybe they bond or fall in love and that’s when they know and it’s adoption time,” he said.

Cats can be adopted on-site at Kitty Cantina. When the cafe ends up adopting out all the cats, SpokAnimal will bring more in.

SpokAnimal Executive Director Dori Peck says the felines are all sterilized, micro-chipped and vaccinated.

Kittens cost $130, cats ages six months to a year will be $85, and cats over the age of one year can be adopted at $65.

Having the kittens exposed to many others helps the shelter, especially when they’ve been closed for almost three months.

“It’s amazing because the people who don’t come and visit the shelter, come in and obviously have coffee, treats or whatever, it gives our cats a whole other outlook, another place to be adopted,” Peck said.

The cafe itself opens at 6 a.m. everyday for take out and drive-thru. The kitty lounge has special hours and will require reservations on Mondays and Thursdays; the lounge is not open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Because of pandemic restrictions, only six people will be allowed in the kitty lounge.

For more information, visit Kitty Cantina’s website.

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