Spokane’s first cat cafe announces grand opening

SPOKANE, Wash. — Kitty Cantina, Spokane’s first cat cafe, has announced its grand opening.

Cat lovers will be able to sip on “meowchas” or even a nice glass of “cat-bernet” while cuddling up with an adoptable buddy starting on April 11.

Kitty Cantina has teamed up with SpokAnimal for the new business venture. The cafe’s owners hope to create more interactions for cats without homes, get more cats adopted and make room in shelters to bring in more animals.


“Our mission is simple. To eliminate euthanasia, we shelter homeless cats and facilitate adoptions through a unique cafe experience and bonding opportunity. It’s all about boosting the chances of adoption by increasing exposure of cats to the potential adopters,” the cafe’s website says.

Learn more about Kitty Cantina by visiting their website.