Spokane’s beloved K9 Laslo retires

Spokane’s beloved K9 Laslo retires

He spent four years taking down bad guys alongside his partner and now one of Spokane’s most impressive K9’s is hanging up his harness.

Starting on March 1st, Laslo will be doing a lot more fetching of toys instead of fetching criminals.

“He’s had a really good run,” said his handler, Cpl. Jeff Thurman of the Spokane county Sheriff’s department.

Cpl Thurman’s promotion to detective means Laslo can no longer be his partner.

“It was a really tough decision but their comes a point in a career that you have to make a decision and I want to be a leader for the newer guys coming in so I have to take this step,” said Thurman.

The duo has had some close calls, Laslo has been attacked by other dogs and suspects.

“He’s been bit a couple times doing tracks and stuff, pit bulls have come out and got him,” said Thurman.

But Laslo has always been ready to get back in the patrol car and report for duty.

“He loves it. I mean every time he hears the patrol car keys or sees me put on the uniform he runs for the patrol car,” said Thurman.

While their work relationship is coming to an end, their friendship is not.

Laslo will be retiring into the care of Thurman and his family.