Spokane’s air quality ‘hazardous,’ threatening to move beyond air quality index

Smoky Ish Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane’s air quality has worsened, remaining ‘hazardous’ with the threat of progressing beyond the Clean Air Agency’s index.

The Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency tracks Spokane’s air quality, and the last few days, the city has been between 300–500, meaning ‘hazardous’ air quality.

As of noon on Sunday, that index is at 499—just two points away from indexing out.

With smoke from Washington, Oregon and California wildfires billowing up into the area, Spokane has seen its air quality degrade since Friday. Clean Air says they expect minor improvement heading into the week, but the air quality will still be well into the ‘hazardous’ category.

With the air index so high, Clean Air warns that particulates in the air can cause asthma attacks, chest pain, coughing, fast heartbeats, headaches, sinus irritation, stinging eyes and difficulty breathing.

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