Spokane woman with multiple sclerosis traveling to Mexico for treatment

A Spokane mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in March, but said doctors believe she’s actually had the disease for years.

She said her treatment options in the United States are far too expensive, so she’ll be making a trip to Mexico to get a stem cell transplant.

Lyndsay Garland will be leaving for Mexico Sunday morning. While she’s excited to finally get medical help, she’s even more excited to spread awareness about her disease.

Garland was officially diagnosed in March, but she had been experiencing symptoms long before. Some of those symptoms include extreme fatigue and loss of memory. However, she decided to see her doctor once she started having vision problems in her left eye.

Once she was diagnosed with MS, her doctor wanted to put her on medication that she said came with plenty of risk, and a hefty price tag.

That’s when she started researching treatment options outside of America and found a clinic in Mexico that offered stem cell transplant treatment — at a price she could afford.

“The clinic that I’m going to has been doing it for 20 years with an 80% success rate. I know that maybe that’s not impressive to some people, but it is to me because it includes everyone,” said Garland.

Garland will be receiving chemo during this process, which is why she decided to shave her head herself.

If successful, the treatment should stop the progression of the disease. In some cases, the treatment could even improve symptoms.

If you want to read Lyndsay’s full story, you can check out her Facebook page.