Spokane woman, sister of cold case victim petitions city for resources to focus on unsolved crimes

Old photos show Russ Evans with his family before he was tragically murdered
Credit Diana Gulick

SPOKANE, Wash. — A woman whose brother was killed in a still-unsolved Spokane crime hopes petitioning the city will add resources to solve other cold case crimes.

Dianna Gulick’s brother Russ Evans was just 13 when he died in 1989. His body was found in the road at 13th and Ray. He had been hit by a car and suffered critical injuries. He was crying out when paramedics arrived, but died at the hospital.

4 News Now profiled the case in 2020. Gulick shared with us police reports that showed people came forward after Russ’s death, saying they knew who hit Russ, but no one was ever charged with the crime.

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In the police report obtained by 4 News Now, one officer wrote, “There was a possibility that the incident was not an accidental hit and run-type incident. There was possibly other evidence to indicate this may have been an assault or even an intentional homicide.”

Gulick has been writing to city council members and the mayor, and communicating with Spokane Police. She believes her brother’s murder could be solved. She’s also been fighting for other families who have lost loved ones in unsolved crimes.

Last year, she started a Facebook page for people to share their own stories and possibly offer tips about unsolved crimes. Now, she’s starting a petition in the hopes of urging the city to dedicate more resources to solving these crimes.

You can read more about the petition and sign it at this link.

She also plans to testify at upcoming city council meetings to urge the council to act on this request.