Spokane woman preparing for whirlwind Super Bowl experience

Spokane woman preparing for whirlwind Super Bowl experience


Krista Nelson is one serving shift at MacKenzie River Grill away from the weekend. However, this one will be unlike any other, she’s going to Super Bowl XLVIII.

“I was joking about it with my older sister,” Krista Nelson said. “After we won the championship game I was like, ‘lets go,’ and she goes ‘hah, you’re funny, there’s no way were going to get tickets.'”

The Nelson sister did find tickets: $2,000 a pop. Throw a couple hundred in for airfare and they’re making the trip to the Garden State. One thing though: her sister has to be back on Monday for work.

“We’re going to go and just take a flight there, we’re going to get there the day of and probably be sleep deprived off the plane, head to the game and just head right back home,” Krista Nelson said.

Sleep deprived is right. That means the sisters will travel more than 5,500 miles in less than 48 hours with no time or place to sleep.

“I figure I’ll just drink energy drinks and coffee or something,” Krista Nelson said. “It will be a blast, I’ll probably be hyped up anyways.”

If you think that’s rough let’s take it a step further: they also won’t have a place for luggage, meaning the sisters will only have the clothes on their back for the entire trip. Does that matter to Krista? Nope, she said that the experience is worth the cost and everything that’s comes with it.

“I’ve saved money,” Krista Nelson said. “There’s a reason you have a savings and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I felt that this was an appropriate use of that money.”