Spokane woman gives cancer patients undergoing treatment a free place to call home

A Spokane woman’s tragic experience with cancer hasn’t stopped her from helping others.

In fact, she’s now running a 7-bedroom home, giving cancer patients, their caregivers and families a place to stay for free while getting treatment in the area.

It was an idea Stacey Henry and her husband Lee Henry first thought of in 2015.

Lee was diagnosed with cancer two years prior. At the time, they lived about an hour and a half away from their treatment facility in Boston, making travel an added inconvenience during an already difficult time.

Stacey said they heard about a free place to stay while her husband underwent treatment. Thus, an idea was born.

“The running joke is those that know Boston, know nothing is free in Boston,” said Henry. “But this truly was, and this was a place Lee and I were able to stay at the day before his first treatment to the day of his last treatment.”

Following treatment, Lee went into remission for two years.

The two moved back to Spokane in 2015.

Just a year later, Lee’s cancer had returned. The doctors told them, this time, it was incurable. He was in and out of remission throughout the following year, but lost the battle in January of 2018.

Through their journey together, Stacey and her husband decided they wanted to give back- knowing others were in the same place they’d been.

Henry’s House does just that. The house offers a space for people and their loved ones to stay while patients undergo cancer treatment.

“Rather than having them worry about their finances and trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for lodging, we do that here, free of charge,” said Henry.

There are rooms upstairs, as well as a two-bedroom apartment.

“They just get to make that their place where they can go and heal and rest and have some peace,” said Henry.

The home commemorates Lee and what he has done in his life. He was a Washington State Patrol trooper as well as being a military man.

“He was someone that those who knew him will tell you he felt like a better man because of cancer… It brought him clarity, it brought him perspective. It really helped him focus on what was important in life. The only regret he had was that it took cancer to help him figure out what was the most important thing in life and that was friends and family,” Henry said of her late husband.

Without the struggle they went through as Lee battled cancer, she said Henry’s House never would have happened.

“It’s a pretty great thing to be able to meet some incredible people and be able to help them.”

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