Spokane woman finds active yellowjacket nest in her yard

Spokane woman finds active yellowjacket nest in her yard

It’s that time of year when yellowjackets can ruin an afternoon barbecue or time at the lake. But what do you do if you find an active nest in your backyard? That’s what a Spokane woman wanted to know, so she turned to KXLY4 News for help.

Lori Calvert was shocked when she sat on the second step of a ladder and turned around to be face to face with a nest.

You can’t blame Lori for sprinting back into the house. She then came back out with her phone to video it.

“Got what I could, shook the ladder a little to get em out,” said Lori. “When they came out I couldn’t video anymore, I just hit the door.”

While the cone shape is odd, it’s not uncommon. Lori was face to face with an aerial yellow jacket nest, as opposed to those yellowjackets that find their home in the ground. Fortunately, she found it early.

Spokane Valley is home to Rescue, the country’s largest over-the-counter weapon against yellowjackets. This time of year, if you can find a nest, it’s not too late to care of the problem yourself.

“What we recommend is using this trapstick and placing it by the nest before you spray and it can actually deplete a portion of the insects from the nest,” said Stephanie Cates, Director of Marketing and Communications at Rescue.

Of your wasps, bees, hornets, and yellowjacket, it’s the yellowjackets that are most aggressive to humans, and unfortunately for us, the Inland Northwest is home to a dense population of the pests.

One advantage you have is the season, as they get more and more dangerous as the summer months wear on.

“So this time of year it’s good to find them and eradicate it as the nests pop up,” Cates said.