Spokane woman delivers pet supplies to your door

Spokane woman delivers pet supplies to your door

A Spokane woman is taking advantage of the surge in popularity of straight-to-your-door services.

Lynda Weaver opened her dog and cat food and supplies delivery service in 2015 so more people could skip the store and spend time with their families. She said Jake’s Doghouse is gaining popularity.

“The priority is our pets come first. I really wanted to start my own business. I love pets. I love people,” Weaver said.

Cody Filby of Airway Heights hired Lynda Weaver about a year ago. She said Jake’s Doghouse has made a huge difference for her and her dogs.

“It’s one less thing to worry about. I know that she’s going to come to my house and bring my dog food before I run out,” Filby said.

Weaver stops by once a month with a trunk full of food and treats for Filby’s dogs.

“When it really comes down to it, our pets eat better than we do sometimes,” Weaver said.

Weaver prides herself in knowing exactly what’s in the food she sells. She said the first four ingredients are “all things people could eat.” Filby said the products have transformed her dogs into more energetic and healthy animals. Plus, Filby said she enjoys having Weaver visit.

“She comes and she interacts with my dogs. She brings them treats. They usually never bark when when she comes,” Filby said.

Weaver said she thinks of her clients as family.

“I love when I drive up and those pets see me and they’re so happy. That makes me feel like all of this hard work is worth it,” Weaver said.

Running her own business truly is a labor of love. Jake’s Doghouse was built around connections and named after Weaver’s own dog that passed away. She said she loved Jake “like a son.”