Spokane woman arrested, accused of threatening a federal judge

SPOKANE, Wash – A Spokane woman faced a federal judge Thursday afternoon, accused of threatening another federal judge in Texas.

Elena Markham is charged with threatening to shoot a judge in Texas who dismissed a lawsuit she filed there.

According to federal court documents, Markham had a baby in Victoria, Texas in late April. The hospital staff called the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, saying Markham was acting strangely.

“The hospital staff reported that Markham stated that she had been trafficked as a child and had some of her internal organs stolen,” court documents say. Markham also said CPS was involved in stealing babies.

The state ultimately decided to remove the baby from Markham’s custody.

“Of note,” the investigator writes, “the investigation discovered Markham had multiple children removed from her custody by officials in Spokane, Washington, Markham’s hometown.” The investigator writes that he believes Markham came to Texas to “evade the officials in Spokane and prevent them from removing the newborn from her custody.”

The investigator writes that shortly after, someone left a voicemail threatening to kill an employee of the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.

Several months later, Markham filed a lawsuit against Texas state employees, the hospital and local judges and law enforcement. The suit demanded that the state return the baby and also pay her $3,805,000 in damages.

In June, Judge Julie Hampton recommended the suit be dismissed saying “Markham fails to present any specific facts or a logical or coherent set of allegations.”

On or about November 3rd, court documents say a woman calling herself Elena left two voicemails for another federal judge in Texas. The caller references the newborn that was taken from Markham and the lawsuit she filed.

Court documents say in the voice messages, Markham says judges are afraid of dealing with a human sex trafficker, then “what about a bullet in your head, maybe that’ll work.”

Markham then says the judge is in her “war book” and that if she sees the judge in a tunnel “he will be shot by her team.”

A warrant was issued for Markham’s arrest. She was booked into the Spokane County Jail on Wednesday. She’ll likely be extradited back to Texas to face charges.