Spokane Valley woman loses 200 pounds while battling cancer

Spokane Valley woman loses 200 pounds while battling cancer

The trip to the gym became routine for Teresa Uber.

She’d drive to Muv Fitness in the Spokane Valley only to end her trip in the parking lot.

“I’d sit there in the car and see the people and I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t get the gumption to come in, so I’d just cry and go home,” Uber said.

But everyone has a breaking point.

For Uber, it was 398 pounds. Her doctor said people don’t live past 400 pounds.

Uber’s weight loss journey began three years ago. She wanted to lose 25 pounds. That wasn’t an uncommon goal, but what she ended up losing is surprising. She also gained something unexpected.

When Uber met Muv Fitness and Wellness Coach Omar Perez, she told him to “screw off, in better words” Perez said. Her colorful language didn’t scare him off. He’s trained a lot of people and knows losing weight isn’t fun. It’s like climbing a mountain. It takes one small step at a time.

After Uber went through other trainers and threatened to quit, Perez stepped in to help.

Uber needed someone to push her when she couldn’t push herself. When she struggled to take the next step, Omar made her take two steps.

He gets her in the gym twice a week to work out and she started doing MUV It To Lose It, a 90 day fitness challenge. Then, Perez helped her stay accountable and work through healthy eating habits.

“I love him most days, but some days I want to choke him,” Uber said.

She hasn’t choked him, yet.

Just before Uber hit her one year stride, her mountain suddenly became taller. When a doctor told her she had lymphatic cancer, Perez was there to hug her.

“It’s me and her against the world,” Perez said.

Then, when Uber’s mom died in December, Perez once again gave her the support she needed.

“Just before she passed away, she made me promise to her that not matter what my sisters and my family said, no matter what, to continue going to the gym and to keep the journey going because it’s literally given me life,” Uber said.

So she continued to climb.

Her cancer treatments set her body on fire every time she hit the gym, but she used that fire to transform herself.

“I couldn’t climb the steps one step at a time without holding on,” Uber said holding back tears. “I mean, it was, I’m gonna cry. I’m not a fat girl anymore.”

She says she never will be a fat girl again. The woman who once couldn’t make it up the stairs without a rail now says the stair stepper is her favorite exercise.

It was three years ago that Uber decided she loved herself enough to try and live.

She’s lost 200 pounds, half her body weight.

“Has it been worth it? Every single step,” Uber said.

It’s been worth it for Perez, too.

“She’s probably one of my closest friends and she’s changed my life,” Perez said.

Uber has an appointment in January to see if doctor’s can remove her cancer after months of a trial cancer treatment.

She said she hopes her story will inspire others to get the life they once only dreamed of.

“In my eyes, MUV Fitness has given me life, one not only worth living, but worth sharing to inspire others. Remember, all things are possible if you want it bad enough,” Uber said.