Spokane Valley town hall calls out Rep. Matt Shea, white supremacy in community

In a Spokane Valley town hall on Tuesday, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and others talked about the threat of white supremacy and groups aligned with radical ideology in the community.

It’s a type of ideology that, Sheriff Knezovich says, is nothing new to the area and something that doesn’t seem to go away. Which is why he hosted The Threats we Face.

Specifically, Knezovich pointed to state Representative Matt Shea.

“There is no way that I could sit back and watch what this individual is doing to our community,” said Knezovich. “And the worst part is, doing it in the name of God.”

Knezovich wasn’t the only one who took to the stage. Among the people denouncing Shea was Jay Pounder, one of his previous followers.

“I’m sorry I got involved in this. I’m sorry I moved forward this agenda in this area. But part of tonight is to make up for that by bringing education and awareness to you,” said Pounder.

In fact, Pounder was a whistleblower who released information on Shea, linking him to radical organizations.

“You can’t embrace hate without having it rot you from the inside out,” said former state Senator John Smith, who was also in attendance.

Smith spoke about Shea and the biblical basis for war document he admitted to writing.

It calls for the creation of a Christian state, claiming non-Christian men who don’t submit are to be executed.

“Does any of this sound like preserving our nation? Does any of this sound like preserving our flag?” Smith asked.

Shea has refused to talk to the media, something Knezovich disagrees with. He says Shea needs to talk to the people he represents and explain himself.

“Now it’s time for Matt Shea to sit here and field your questions.”

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