Spokane Valley tavern shooting suspect arrested

Spokane Valley tavern shooting suspect arrested

Spokane Valley Police have arrested a suspect for the October 17, 2014 shooting at Jackson Hole Tavern at 122 S. Bowdish.

During the afternoon of October 23, 2014, detectives from the Spokane Valley Investigative Unit developed probable cause to arrest 39-year-old Raymond Shawn Gunn.

According to the Spokane Valley Police Department, Gunn and an associate were asked to leave Jackson Hole Tavern at closing time on October 17. Gunn returned about an hour later and shot several rounds into the front of the tavern with a .40 caliber handgun. The tavern employees had left a few minutes prior to the shooting.

Initial estimates indicate that the cost to repair all the windows and interior damage will exceed $4,000. The bullets not only destroyed many of the windows, but also caused damage to the interior decorations and left holes in the walls.

Detectives, assisted by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, arrested Gunn at his residence during the execution of a search warrant. Detectives recovered evidence at the residence associating Gunn with the crime.

Gunn is a previously convicted felon who was charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Felony Malicious Mischief and Reckless Endangerment.