Spokane Valley man finally sentenced for raping child 7 years ago

SPOKANE, Wash. — A judge sentenced a Spokane Valley man to between eight and a half years to life in prison on Tuesday for raping a 3-year-old girl he shared a home with. 

The rape happened in 2013 at a Spokane Valley park. 

Another child saw it happen and reported it. The 3-year-old was taken to the hospital but doctors couldn’t find evidence of rape. A sexual assault kit was collected, however the detective on the case never submitted it for testing. 

That kit sat in evidence for five years, until Washington state laws changed, requiring law enforcement to submit untested kits. 

Brandon Lee Torres’ DNA was found in the child’s underwear. He was arrested last February. During Tuesday’s sentencing, Judge Toney Hazel called the crime ‘despicable.’ 

“She was raised to trust you, right? Your actions are despicable. I don’t know what else to say,” said Hazel. “Justice would not have been served I think, had that not been a change in that law. You would have gotten away with it.” 

The boy who witnessed the sexual assault also lived with Torres and says he was raped in 2005. He reported the assault in 2010, but the case went nowhere. He says his own mother called him a liar. As part of the plea deal, the boy was allowed to make a victim impact statement during Tuesday’s sentencing. 

The court also heard from the parents of a third alleged victim, who say their daughter came forward after 4 News Now’s coverage of the case. A close family friend says after seeing our report, he asked his special needs daughter if Torres ever molested her. 

“I can’t imagine the sick feeling in her stomach every time his name was announced and she had to come look her rapist in the eye and politely greet him,” said the victim’s father.

As part of the plea agreement, Torres was only charged with raping the 3-year-old. Prosecutors feared they wouldn’t have enough evidence to go to trial with the other alleged victims.

“I understand that it doesn’t feel like justice to some of these other victims, but I will let the court know that we stand by them and stand behind them,” said Prosecutor Hannah Stearns.

Torres will receive credit for time served and will spend at least eight years behind bars. He could be locked up for life. Once his eight-year sentence is up, he’ll have to go in front of a review board to prove he’s no longer a threat to the community, and that the treatment he received in prison has been successful.

“I would just like to say that I’m sorry to my family and I want to do right by going through the system- what I can do- get back to work at UPS,” said Torres.

“Do you have any idea the degree to which you hurt the victim in this case?” Judge Hazel responded.

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