Spokane Valley Man Creates Amazing Sculptures

Spokane Valley Man Creates Amazing Sculptures
Spokane Valley Man Creates Amazing Sculptures

When you walk into Arturo Morando’s workshop in the Spokane Valley the first thing you see is amazing art work the next thing you feel is Arturo’s love.

“I love what I do, this comes from heart, this is not work to me,” says Morando.

Morando makes statues out of concrete and clay in his workshop located on his property at his Spokane Valley home. Everything he does is from scratch and made by hand. Some of his work can take more than a year to complete.

“I have a fish I’ve been working on for a year. But I’m going to take my time on it because I want everything done right,” said Morando.

It’s that type of patience that has gained the 48 year old Lake Chapala, Mexico native a reputation for great detail in his work. Surprisingly, the prices for his work are not out of reach for many people.

“I try not to charge too much. My advertising comes from word of mouth. I don’t have a website or email address right now, altough I’m trying to change that,” said Morando.

Barb Selby is helping Arturo launch his business into the 21st century. The Chewelah resident met Arturo at a craft show last July. Barb said she was immediately struck by his work and his loving spirit.

“Arturo asked if I would help him get his product out and I said sure and I’ve been his advocate since last summer, ” said Selby .

Barb’s son is helping Arturo build a website so more people can see his work.

“She has been such a big help, now all I need to do is learn how to the computer,” Morando said with a laugh.

Arturo came to Spokane about five years ago, after living in California for almost 20 years. A partner turned him onto the idea of moving to Spokane to sell his statues. He finally broke away on his own, something he really enjoys.

“I like the freedom of working for myself. That’s one of the reasons I love this country. You’re free and it’s wonderful. The people of Spokane have been so good to me,” said Morando.

Morando says he has dreams beyond just making statues for others, he wants to open a school to teach others how to make statues from clay and concrete.

“It’s my dream, to open a school here on my land. So many kids have too much time on their hands and I would love to teach them my love,” said Morando.

With a love for his work and spirit that lights up a room, Arturo Morando is creating his dream one statue at a time.

To contact Arturo call (509) 999-8618.