Spokane Valley man accused of shooting wife testifies at trial

Spokane Valley man accused of shooting wife testifies at trial

The manslaughter case against a Spokane Valley man and former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy continued Monday morning. Defense attorney Carl Oreskovich called Dwayne Thurman, 44, to the stand.

Thurman has pleaded not guilty to one charge of manslaughter. He explained to jurors what happened before he shot his wife, Brenda Thurman, in what his attorney has called a tragic accident two years ago.

He held back tears as he told jurors that he and Brenda had gone shooting together at a local range the day before the incident. He said he thought he saw his wife clear her weapon before leaving the range.

It was the next day that Dwayne said he got the weapons out they used at the range to clean them. He told jurors that he was taking Brenda’s .380-caliber Glock pistol apart when the weapon fired and a bullet hit Brenda in the chest.

Dwanye claimed that Brenda was in the living room when he first started cleaning the weapons and he didn’t realize she later moved to sit across from him at the table. He also denied knowing there was a bullet in the pistol.

Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor John Love questioned Dwanye’s statements and asked him if he remembers pulling the trigger. Thurman said he didn’t. But, Love responded saying that witness testimony reveals Thurman said he pulled it shortly after the incident happened.

Closing arguments for the case begin at 2:00 p.m. Monday.