Spokane Valley man accused of child rape 13 years ago just now facing charges

SPOKANE, Wash. — Brandon Lee Torres has sat in a jail cell since February. That’s when investigators matched his DNA to evidence in a rape kit from 2013. The victim at the time was only 3 years old. 

According to court documents, Torres went sledding at Valley Mission Park that year with two children he lived with. One of them reported seeing Torres with his pants down, raping the three year old. 

The witness ran home to tell the child’s mother, who took them to Sacred Heart. 

Documents show that doctors examined the 3-year-old and found no evidence of rape. However, nurses still saved the victim’s underwear in a sexual assault kit. The only physical evidence deputies had, would sit untested for five years. 

It’s not the first time Torres has been accused of having sex with a child. The witness at the park said Torres raped them seven years earlier, when they were 5. 

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That victim reported the rape several times in 2010. The Sheriff’s Office couldn’t find probable cause to arrest him and says the victim later changed their story. Torres also passed a polygraph. 

The Sheriff’s Office dropped the case, saying the claims were unfounded. 

Then in 2018, laws changed. Old rape kits had to be tested. 

The evidence was sent to a lab in June of 2018. It took more than a year for the results to come back. Forensic analysts found semen in the child’s underwear. 

This January, deputies got a warrant to collect Brandon Torres’ DNA. It was compared to the DNA found in the underwear. Torres matched with a statistical probability of 21 nonillion: A number with 30 zeroes. 

Torres denied raping the children when interviewed by deputies. He was arrested February 28 and faces two counts of child rape and child molestation. Torres remains in jail, his trial is set for July. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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