Spokane Valley Mall suspends security guard for harassing teenagers

Spokane Valley Mall suspends security guard for harassing teenagers
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A security guard at Spokane Valley Mall has been suspended for abusive language and behavior towards a group of teens.

Those teenagers were kicked out of the mall for sneaking into a movie on Wednesday night.

While waiting for their parents to pick them up, they sat in the parking lot outside of the mall.

Two mall security guards stirred up some more problems by going back and forth with the teenagers in a heated confrontation.

Spokane Valley Mall said security is handled by a third-party company, and that company issued the following statement

“Professional Security Consultants (PSC) is aware of the incident at Spokane Valley Mall involving one of our officers. We do not condone his language or behavior. It is a clear violation of our rigorous protocols for dealing with disruptive individuals. The officer is suspended, and we are conducting a thorough investigation and all disciplinary actions will be taken upon its conclusion.”

4 News Now spoke to the mother of one of the involved teenagers from that group, and she said the situation was handled poorly.

The video taken by one of the teens showed a girl in the group passed out on the ground.

The mother said that girl suffers from epilepsy, and the heat of that confrontation caused her to pass out.

Her issue came with the fact that no medical assistance was provided by those mall security officers, instead she said they just harassed the group more.

“It makes me mad because if she has a medical condition, and they weren’t getting her help,” the mother said. “What if something bad were to happen to her? She hit her head on the ground, what if she had a concussion or didn’t wake up? I mean that’s a big problem.”

The mother said that teenager did end up being okay once the situation settled down.