Spokane Valley firefighter goes live on Facebook each week with ‘Fire Science Fridays’

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Every Friday at 10 a.m., Rick Freier is ‘The Fire Science Guy’.

On the Spokane Valley Fire Department’s Facebook page, he plans to go live every Friday until May 1st with lessons on fire safety and the science behind fire itself.

The first Fire Science Friday was on April 3rd, where Freier taught an introductory lesson on what fire is to begin with.

He also used experiments and visuals to demonstrate what fire does and how it reacts to different things.

Freier said he has two goals in mind with his fire science classes: Get kids excited about science and give them the tools to make safe and smart choices.

He plans to also teach lessons on fuels, heat, oxygen and living with fire.

“We’re going to talk about how we can be safe around it, why we investigate fires as a department, why it’s important that we identify things that are a problem and just trying to send out some of those messages of ‘This is why we use it’,” said Freier. “It’s a tool that can cook our food and heat our home, but it really isn’t a toy.

You can check the Spokane Valley Fire Department’s Facebook page to see the specific topics planned for each week.