Spokane Valley Fire has a new tool to help those experiencing trauma

Spokane Valley Fire has a new tool to help those experiencing trauma
Spokane Valley Fire Department
Logo for the Spokane Valley Fire Department. 

The Spokane Valley Fire Department has a new tool to better help those that may be in crisis situations.

They recently purchased weighted blankets from the Isaac Foundation and have already distributed them among most stations in the area.

The blankets are for use on firetrucks to be available for calming individuals with autism. They can however, be used for anyone who may be in crisis, stressed, or having a bad day. They can even be used to calm a fellow Firefighter.

“We wanted to help the Spokane Valley Fire Department to be better prepared and to have training in calming techniques with individuals with autism,” said Holly Lytle, Founder and Executive Director of Isaac Foundation. “The great thing about the weighted blankets is they help everyone who is experiencing crisis, not just those with autism. The SVFD is going to find that these blankets are a huge asset to their crisis response.”

Weighted blankets are a comfort to individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD and can enhance a person’s quality of sleep by reducing anxiety and agitation.

“We are always looking for ways to improve crisis response,” said Fire Captain and Paramedic, Jeff Fraser. “This seemed like a great option to incorporate for helping those individuals who are in distress and in need of care.”

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