Spokane Valley family recovers after I-90 crash near downtown

Spokane Valley family recovers after I-90 crash near downtown

The Washington State Patrol may file charges against a driver who made an unsafe lane change Wednesday, causing the driver of a semi to swerve and lose control on I-90, near downtown Spokane.

The crash looked like something out of a movie, but the impacts were very real for the people who survived it. Michael and Sandy Balch and their daughter Angie Cole said they’ll never forget the moment thousands of pounds of metal tore into their Chevrolet Equinox.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” Michael said.

The Spokane Valley couple had just picked up their daughter from the airport and were heading to lunch when the crash happened. According to an incident report, the semi driver said he swerved to avoid hitting a car that cut him off. Michael, Sandy, and Angie said they remember seeing the truck’s load of crushed cars hit the median and then fly into their lane.

“Here comes this trailer and I was like oh my gosh and dad just turned it and I thought he missed it. As soon as I thought he missed, that we missed it, wham!” Cole said.

This family’s SUV was the first of five vehicles to get hit by the debris. Seven people were injured, according to WSP. No one died, which came as a surprise to Sandy.

“I thought that there would be bodies everywhere, especially when we saw the cars everywhere,” Sandy said.

Now, Michael, Sandy and their daughter are home healing after this traumatic incident. They spent much of Wednesday in the hospital but were all released without any serious injuries.

“I thought that my dad was not going to have legs for how hard he got hit in that corner…I was fearing that I was going to see him dead,” Cole said.

Cole and her family said they don’t think the truck driver is at fault, but Cole hopes the person who is accused of cutting the semi off comes forward.

“You kind of hurt a lot of people. Step up, take responsibility and take care of people. This is not a small thing,” Cole said.

WSP is still investigating the cause of the crash. You can contact WSP if you have a description of the car that made the unsafe lane change in front of the semi.