Spokane Valley detective charges 16-year-old with 3 counts of attempted murder, first degree

Spokane Valley detective charges 16-year-old with 3 counts of attempted murder, first degree
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Last week, Spokane Valley Police Department Major Crimes Detective Darin Staley charged a 16-year-old suspect with multiple counts of attempted murder in the first degree. The charges are a result of an investigation into a gas station shooting in Spokane Valley last August.

Detectives have learned that on August 23, 2018, an adult victim had arranged to meet the suspect and sell him Marijuana. The sale was set up by Facebook Messenger, the investigation found, and the victim had allowed the suspect to track his location using the app. They were scheduled to meet at a location in north Spokane.

During the meet-up, a teenage male gave $100 dollars to the victim. The victim, who never had any Marijuana to sell in the first place, then fled the parking lot with the money.

After the initial meet-up, the victim and two passengers pulled up to the Maverick gas station on 9009 E Montgomery in Spokane Valley at 9:30 p.m. Before any of the occupants exited the car, a gray Volvo pulled into the parking lot, and a person inside the vehicle, later identified as the 16-year-old suspect, jumped out and began to shoot at the victims in the other car.

As the victims in the car drove away, the suspect continued to shoot at their vehicle. Later, the victim noticed he has his location feature on, which granted the suspect with the ability to track him.

None of the bullets shot by the suspect hit anyone involved in the incident.

When Detective Staley positively identified the suspect and contacted him about his charges, he found the suspect was already booked into the Spokane County Juveline Detention Center for unrelated charges.

The investigation of this incident is ongoing.

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