Spokane Valley babysitter’s account of child’s injuries doesn’t add up, court docs say

Spokane Valley babysitter’s account of child’s injuries doesn’t add up, court docs say
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An 18-month-old boy is being treated for serious internal injuries that, police said, were inflicted by his babysitter.

Jay Hume, 34, was charged with first degree assault of a child.

According to court documents, the child’s mother told police she took her 18-month-old son to Hume’s home on April 28. Hume and his wife babysat for the child often.

When she left her son at the home, she said he was ‘”happy, active and healthy,” and that he did not have any injuries.

Court documents state Hume called her at 11:30 p.m. and told her the child had fallen off of the bed and needed to go to the hospital.

Hume originally told detectives a similar story. He said that his wife had put the child in a bedroom after he “threw a fit.” Sometime after 10:00 p.m., he said he heard a loud thump coming from the room and, when he went to check on the baby, he said the boy had fallen off the bed and landed on his back with a toy underneath him. Hume said the child was unresponsive.

When the child’s mother arrived at the home, Hume put her son in her arms. She said the boy squeezed her neck but then went limp. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a ‘grade 5 liver laceration,’ the most serious on a scale of 1-5.

The doctor who evaluated the child told police the injury pattern was indicative of abuse of abdominal trauma and required force that the doctor said a child that age and that size is incapable of causing. The boy also had bruising on both sides of his chest and over his abdomen.

The doctor told police the physical findings indicate an ‘abusive event’ that could have been ‘one of any combination of hitting with a fist or object, kicking or physically throwing a child.”

Detectives who investigated the scene found it was “not plausible” that the child would have been injured that significantly from a fall off the bed onto the carpeted floor.

Hume was arrested on May 2 and charged with first-degree

During an interview on his way to the jail, Hume changed his story. He told detectives first that he had accidentally fallen on the child the day before, then said he had actually fallen on the child by accident on the day he was taken to the hospital. He said when he heard a thump coming from the room, he went in to check on the child, but slipped on some toys and fell into him, with his palms striking the boy’s chest and abdominal area.

When asked why he had not told anyone this previously, Hume said it was possible he blacked out and told detectives he was afraid of being accused of abuse and losing his own children.

He told the detective that the baby ‘did not like him’ and was a ‘cry baby.” He denied losing his temper and purposefully assaulting the child.

Hume made his first appearance in court on Friday. His bond was set at $25,000.

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