Deputies: Spokane Valley family finds man in white face paint with beer, airsoft guns at kitchen table

Authorities confirm murder-suicide at S. Idaho home

SPOKANE, VALLEY, Wash.– A Spokane Valley family walked into their home Monday to find a stranger wearing white face paint inside.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said it started when a man called 911 to report he and his younger sister came home and found Justin Watson, 40, sitting at their kitchen table. The man told investigators he didn’t know Watson so he and his sister ran upstairs to call for help.

The caller told investigators Watson had two airsoft guns and two cases of beer with him at their table.

When deputies got to the home they said the back door was open. They said they announced their presence but didn’t get an answer so they moved inside. Once they were in, they heard a voice faintly say “he’s on the couch.”

Investigators then went into the living room where they found Watson standing in white face paint and wearing one of the homeowner’s clothes. Deputies ordered Watson to get on the ground but instead, he sat on the couch. They continued to order him to get on the ground and after a third time, he finally did. Deputies said Watson was taken into custody without incident.

The family told investigators they didn’t know who Watson was and he was not given permission to be inside their house.

Deputies said they think Watson got in by finding a spare key hidden in the back of the home. He used it to get in when the family was out, according to deputies.

The sheriff’s office said it checked Watson’s name and found he had an active felony Washington State Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest. Deputies said Watson had been arrested several times in the last year for DOC violations and mainly property crimes.

He now faces a residential burglary charge and theft 3rd-degree charges.

As for why he was wearing face paint– deputies think it was to cover “numerous” tattoos on his face and neck.

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