Spokane Transit Authority service changes go into effect

Spokane Transit Authority service changes go into effect

New changes within the Spokane Transit Authority went into effect Sunday.

STA changes their scheduled service three times a year in order to serve the needs of Spokane residents.

Service Changes Included in the STA ‘Moving Forward Plan’ include:

New South Hill Connections
Route 4 will connect the South Hill with the Northside via Downtown for Spokane Transit’s first in-seat cross-town connection. The new route will combine the routing of the 24, the 44 Grand, and the southern portion of the 45.
Route 144 will maintain service on Bernard and provide new commuter service between downtown Spokane and the new Moran Station coming this fall.
New West Plains Connections
Route 63 will connect Airway Heights to the West Plains Transit Center via Spokane International Airport and Flint Rd. This additional route completes the promised connection between West Plains cities without having to transfer in downtown Spokane.

New Transit Facilities Coming Later This Fall:

Spokane Community College Transit Center will serve as the eastern endpoint of the future Central City Line and facilitate better connections for all routes serving Spokane Valley, Millwood and north/south Spokane.
Spokane Falls Station will move off-street to the western end of campus and include customer amenities such as real-time signage, shelters, and benches.
Moran Station will become the southern endpoint for Route 144, a new southside commuter express route, and Route 4, STA’s new cross-town connection.
A summary of the changes and link to the revised schedules are provided below.

Know Your Zone — Many routes will see boarding zone reassignments in September:

4 South (former 44) to Moran Station Zone 4
4 North (former 24) to 5-Mile Zone 7
45 Perry District Zone 2
74 Mirabeau/Liberty Lake Zone 1
144 South Express (NEW) Zone 4
172 Liberty Lake Express Zone 1

Service changes effective September 15, 2019:

4 From 5-Mile Park & Ride to Moran Station (NEW) – NEW route providing 15-minute weekday frequency between 5-Mile Park & Ride and the Moran Station via downtown Spokane
11 Plaza/Arena Shuttle – Minor schedule adjustments
20 SFCC – Schedule adjustments; service to the new Spokane Falls Station
21 Broadway – Weekday downtown schedule adjustments
22 Northwest Blvd – Schedule adjustments
23 Maple/Ash – Route connection adjustments
24 Monroe – Replaced with Route 4 (no change to Route 24 routing)
25 Division – Schedule adjustments
26 Lidgerwood – Schedule adjustments; route connection adjustments
27 Hillyard – Schedule adjustments
28 Nevada – Schedule adjustments; route connection adjustments
29 SCC – Downtown bound schedule adjustments; route adjustments to accommodate bridge replacement at Trent and Hamilton
32 Trent/Montgomery – Schedule adjustments; new timepoint at Trent & Havana
33 Wellesley – Schedule adjustments; improved Sunday/Holiday service
34 Freya/341 SCC Connector (NEW) – Schedule adjustments to reduce frequency to the 34; NEW Route 341 to maintain frequency between SCC and Sprague; new routing to accommodate the new SCC Transit Center
39 Mission – Minor routing change in Minnehaha; schedule adjustments
42 South Adams – Route connection adjustments
43 Lincoln/37th – Schedule adjustments; new service to Ferris High School
44 29th Ave – Replaced with Route 4 and Route 144
45 Perry District – Schedule adjustments; the route now ends at the South Hill P&R
60 Airport – Evening and weekend schedule adjustments
61 Highway 2 – Schedule adjustments
62 Medical Lake – Schedule adjustments; connected with new Route 63
63 Airway Heights/West Plains (NEW) – NEW route connecting Airway Heights to West Plains Transit Center
64 Cheney/West Plains – Schedule adjustments
66 EWU – Schedule adjustments
74 Mirabeau/Liberty Lake – Schedule adjustments; new service to Meadowwood Technology Campus on Mission and select trips to Hawkstone
90 Sprague – Schedule adjustments; new timepoint at Sprague and Freya
94 East Central/Millwood – Schedule adjustments; new timepoint at 2nd and Sherman
95 Mid-Valley – Schedule adjustments
96 Pines/Sullivan – Schedule adjustments
97 South Valley – Schedule adjustments
98 Liberty Lake -via Sprague – Schedule adjustments
124 North Express – Connected with new Route 144; schedule adjustments
144 South Express (NEW) – NEW express route between Moran Station P&R and Plaza serving Bernard with 15 minute service
172 Liberty Lake Express – Schedule adjustments; new service to Hawkstone and Country Vista Blvd in Liberty Lake east of Molter
173 VTC Express – Schedule adjustments
190 Valley Express – Schedule adjustments
664 EWU South Hill Express – Schedule adjustments

Remember to be at your bus stop or boarding Zone five minutes before your bus is scheduled to depart.