Spokane teenager with inoperable brain tumor hospitalized from blood clot

Jaden In Texas Hospital
Courtesy of Jessica Eckersley, Jaden's mother

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane teenager, Jaden Baer, has been hospitalized due to a blood clot.

The 17-year-old was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in February 2020. In his initial diagnoses, doctors told him he only had up to nine months to live. Jaden outlived those odds, even celebrating the one-year anniversary of the diagnoses with a drive-by police parade and party with family just last month.

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On Friday, Jaden was visiting a friend in Texas when he started having chest pain. He went to the emergency room and doctors said he had a major blood clot leading to his heart, according to the GoFundMe. Jaden’s mom, Jessica Eckersley, said there hasn’t been a determination of what caused it.

Jaden was then flown to a hospital in Houston where they surgically removed the blood clot. The family said the surgery took more than eight hours.

As of Tuesday, Jaden has been stable but on a ventilator. He has woken up since the surgery, but went back to sleep. They hope to have him breathe on his own Wednesday.

Doctors are checking his blood to see if there is any bacteria in there and will be doing an MRI in the next few days to see how remaining clots are responding to medicine and if they are dissolving. It’s possible Jaden could have another surgery to remove the remaining blood clots.

“Keep praying and thank you very much for all your support!!,” the GoFundMe says.

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