Spokane teen with brain cancer celebrates beating the odds, one year after diagnosis

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s a day he hoped he’d see… and he did.

One year ago on Saturday, 17-year-old Jaden Baer and his family received devastating news. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Doctors say he has a diffuse midline glioma. On the anniversary of that diagnosis, community members turned out for a parade to celebrate the fact he’s still here.

“I have the best friends, the best family. That’s all I could ask for. A better support system than a guy like me could ask for,” he said.


Side-by-side image of the tumor on Jaden Baer’s brain, months apart.

Doctors believed Baer would only have six to nine months to live, originally. While the tumor on Baer’s brain cannot be removed, he’s been participating in clinical trials and taking medicine to help shrink it.

Brain scans show just how much that that tumor has shrunk in the span of months. The image on the far right shows what Baer’s tumor looked like in December of last year. The image on the left was taken just days ago.

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When 4 News Now last spoke with him in November, Baer said he had side effects from his medication. He felt tired all the time and had some short-term memory loss. On Saturday, he said he’s no longer losing his memory, he still just gets tired easier.

Baer says the doctors are shocked that he’s made it this far, but since the beginning, he swore to fight and still have hope. Now, there is no specific timeline for him.

The north Spokane teenager tells 4 News now he plans to graduate in a few months and attend college.

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