Spokane teen gets full ride to Eastern with College Bound Scholarship

Spokane teen gets full ride to Eastern with College Bound Scholarship
Rachel Graham

A remarkable young woman is receiving a full ride to Eastern Washington University thanks to Washington State’s college bound scholarship which isn’t all that well known.

Rachel Graham was home schooled most of her life and her first experience at public school wasn’t what she had hoped for, but at the Community School she found the right environment to finish up her senior year with flying colors.

Graham, a Spokane native, left home school for North Central High School in 10th grade.

College Bound

“That didn’t work out that great and then I came here and it was really great,” she said.

“Really good fit for her because she was really self motivated, really wanted to learn, had some really great ideas about what she wanted to learn,” Robert Chadduck with Spokane school district said.

Her senior project was a feasibility study on upgrading the Community School to use partial solar panels, something the facilities board may actually consider.

“I found that the most feasible would be a ten kilowatt system to start with and then maybe grow from there,” she explained.

“Students are encouraged to get out into the community and really connect with professionals in the community to help them with their projects,” Chadduck said.

In eighth grade she signed up for the College Bound Scholarship. That meant good grades, staying out of trouble and meeting some family income criteria. With seven other children, college was something Rachel’s family wouldn’t have been able to afford. But now her education at Eastern will be completely taken care of.

“I visited several campuses and that campus just felt like home,” she said. “I don’t know how to describe it, just like the whole atmosphere is like where I wanna be.”

Her advice to those that may find themselves doubting their academic or financial ability to go on to college” “Keep going just keep going no matter what even, if you want to give up just don’t let yourself, it will all work out.”