‘Spokane-style pizza’? Creator behind the puzzling pizza video explains

SPOKANE, Wash. — A 36-second video about a ‘Spokane-style pizza’ has local residents puzzled.

It includes ingredients like canned salmon, fry sauce and it’s topped with strawberries.

An L.A.-based content creator, who’s known for playing with food, created the video for TikTok — but it’s become a sore subject with Spokanites on Twitter.

4 News Now spoke with Josh Scherer, the Director of Culinary Content at Mythical Entertainment based in Burbank, California.

He finally explained himself after the video received mixed responses from people in the Inland Northwest and more than a million views.

“Yes the video was a joke, I was just goofin’,” Scherer said. “There’s a lot of regional pizza styles out there that people get really confused by. And I just thought, ‘What if Spokane had its own regional pizza and what if we could convince people that this thing actually existed?”

Some commenters went with the joke while others were downright disgusted.

“There were a lot of people who thought that I was being dead serious and they were like ‘I’ve lived in Spokane for 39 years and I’ve never heard of this’,” said Scherer. “But at the same time, you had a couple people who got the joke who said ‘No, no, no, I’ve lived in Spokane my whole life and I eat this every Sunday!’ and so shoutout to those people who went along with it.”

So now we know it’s a joke pizza. But is it actually good?

“Honestly, give it a try. I enjoyed it,” said Scherer. “We ate the pizza in the office. It’s not as bad as you might think.”

One actual Spokane pizza place, Versalia Pizza, said on Twitter it would never make such a thing.

“I saw it on Twitter about a week and a half ago. He completely lost me with the canned salmon,” said owner of Versalia Pizza Laura Carey. “Spokane definitely likes their pizza fresh and with fresh ingredients. If it was truly Spokane pizza, it would have been huckleberries, I think.”

That was actually the fruit Scherer originally had in mind.

“We couldn’t find fresh huckleberries out here in Burbank, California and so we went with strawberries and that was kind of it. There wasn’t a whole lot of thought into it,” he said.

In his online series, Mythical Kitchen, Scherer says it’s all about the funny and weird when it comes to food.

But he learned quickly with the Spokane pizza video, that you reap what you cook on the internet.

“I didn’t expect that many people from Spokane to get as passionate as they did, I thought I’d get maybe a dozen comments. But, I mean, it was absolutely thousands,” said Scherer. “So shoutout to y’all, you ride or die for the city of Spokane and I love that.”

Scherer says he has only been to Spokane once in his life, but is willing to come back for an “apology tour” to try actual Spokane pizza!

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