Spokane Shriners Hospital welcomes new orthopedic surgeon from Seattle

Spokane Shriners Hospital welcomes new orthopedic surgeon from Seattle
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Spokane Shriners Hospital is welcoming a new pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Seattle.

Dr. Ted Sousa, M.D., is a Montana native who received his degree and orthopedic residency from University of Washington School of Medicine.

Most recently, Dr. Sousa worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Before that, he pursued a pediatric orthopedic surgery fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, then traveled to Royale Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, to complete a second fellowship with an emphasis in cerebral palsy.

“I love taking care of families of children with disabilities, whether that be cerebral palsy or other conditions that affect the neuromuscular system. They impress and inspire me every day,” Dr. Sousa said. “My goal is to help make their lives a little bit easier. I love seeing the difference in children’s lives that I am able to make in their care. The children love it too.”

At Spokane Shriners Hospital, Dr. Sousa will serve as the medical director for the motion analysis center. He says his interest in movement stems from growing up with horses in Montana, watching how they walked.

“I love playing my part and working with a team of therapists, prosthetists and orthotists, rehabilitation specialists and many others to evaluate and determine the best treatment for these kids,” says Dr. Sousa.

He is looking forward to moving to a smaller city, closer to outdoor activities, and of course, closer to home.

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