Spokane sees uptick in Crime Check calls compared to May of last year

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Regional Emergency Communications is reporting an uptick in Crime Check calls compared to this time last year. 

According to a release, Crime Check completed 6,583 reports this May, 55% more than it completed May of last year.

Crime Check also completed 2,607 fraud reports. That’s a 1,147% increase from last year. 

Between May 11 and 29, alone, Crime Check completed an average of 131 fraud reports per day. To put things into perspective, SREC said Crime Check ordinarily completes 7-9 fraud reports per day. 

That spike is expected to last through June, with SREC projecting around 1,100 more reports that last year. 

SREC says, despite the uptick, staff handled the increase both quickly and professionally without a disruption to services. 

“SREC is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff during this national emergency. Our responsibility is to our citizens and our responders, and that will not waiver. We will continue to uphold what our mission is,” it reads in a release.

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