Spokane Schools report: Most elementary schools report less than 90% attendance in remote learning

SPOKANE, Wash – As school districts in Spokane County slowly start to phase in more students to in-person learning, Spokane Public Schools is tracking attendance and engagement. Early reports show most elementary schools in the district are not meeting attendance goals this year.

In a report being presented to the school board Wednesday night, a chart shows distance learning metrics, including “percent of students with satisfactory cumulative attendance” which is defined as greater than 90%.

That chart shows just 11 of the school district’s 34 elementary schools are reporting 90% cumulative attendance or higher.

Distance Learning Metrics

Moran Prairie Elementary School reports the highest cumulative attendance at 96%. Other schools reaching that threshold are: Balboa Elementary (93%), Hamblen Elementary (92%), Hutton Elementary (94%), Indian Trail Elementary (92%), Jefferson Elementary (92%), Lincoln Heights Elementary (93%), Mullan Road Elementary (90%), Westview Elementary (90%), Wilson Elementary (91%) and Woodridge Elementary (93%).

It is worth noting that the schools meeting that attendance goal correspond with higher-income levels in the district, further adding to the concern that students in low-income families and neighborhoods may be left behind with remote learning.

The lowest attendance in the district is Grant Elementary School, with just 64%.

The district is also tracking percentage of students with engagement in Microsoft Teams, which is the platform the district is using for remote learning. Those numbers tend to be higher, with all elementary schools reporting engagement of 80% or higher.

4 News Now reached out to Spokane Schools early Tuesday for context and explanations about these metrics and what they’ll be considering at the board meeting Wednesday night. As of Wednesday morning, the district has not provided that information.

You can read the full report here.