Spokane Schools gives an update on COVID-19 response

Spokane Public Schools will be back in session on Thursday
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Public School District gave an update on COVID-19 response efforts in a virtual school board meeting Wednesday night. 

In terms of food distribution, members say they have successfully distributed between 3,500 to 3,800 meals a day between 24 different sites around Spokane. 

Currently, they are working to add three additional sites, which will be located at the Lincoln Heights, Finch and Roosevelt Elementary campuses. 

School board members are also working on expanding food delivery routes by adding five additional busses, which they say will increase their mobile distribution coverage. 

One of the main questions community members have wanted answered is how the district plans to make up lost school time. 

SPS Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger says they’re communicating with districts across the nation to determine how others are responding. 

According to Redinger, how days are made up may impact how future school years operate.

Meantime, the district has ordered an additional 35,000 laptops, which will be distributed to students so they can properly learn from home. 

In terms of the 2021 budget, board members approved a motion to continue to meet the educational needs of students and keep core instruction supported during difficult financial times. 

Once school is back in session, board members say some classrooms may have more students than others while they work on providing proper staffing levels. 

Any budget savings will go toward restoring the imbalance to get back to 5% reserve level. 

Board members also addressed cleaning efforts at the school. Currently, custodial staff have been moved to day shifts to better sanitize areas before students return.  

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