Spokane Schools considering options to help students stay on track for graduation

SPOKANE, Wash. — School is on hold for students around the nation. Now, the Spokane School Board is trying to figure out what it means for graduating seniors. 

Board members considered a proposal on Wednesday that would offer more flexibility to students in terms of credits and graduation requirements. 

Under the proposal, students could choose from three options. Of those options, students could receive a pass/ fail grade for a class on their high school transcript. 

Pass/ fail has no impact on GPA, so it could benefit students who don’t want their grades to drop. 

Students could also choose to receive a letter grade, which does impact GPA.

Another option is for students to request a credit waiver from the school principal. State legislators recently passed this law, which helps students with F’s who may not be on track to graduate.

The proposal is waiting approval by the State Board of Education.  

As for graduation ceremonies, SPS didn’t have an answer yet. The district is still having discussions and monitoring the spread of COVID-19. 

Classes are canceled through April 24, but there is a chance students could be home even longer.

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