Spokane Schools bus driver awarded for going above and beyond to find lost student

Bus driver awarded for helping find student
PC: Spokane Public Schools

SPOKANE, Wash. — A bus driver for the Spokane School District was awarded for going above and beyond to help find a student who was unaccounted for. 

Kaytee Morley said it was the first day of this school year when she heard a student never showed up to get on his bus.   

According to Spokane Public Schools, Morley said she knew the student’s tendencies and had a fairly good idea where he might be.  

“I know he doesn’t like to ride the bus sometimes, he likes to skip out and walks home,” said Morley in a video shared by SPS. 

Morley told dispatch she knew there was a park near where the student lived and decided to circle around looking for him. Sure enough, that’s where he was. 

“Kaytee, when I heard her on the radio go above and beyond, I immediately sent that into corporate because that’s just a perfect example of what bus drivers do,” said Rhonda Mclellan, supervisor with Durham School Services. 

Kaytee was also chosen to represent Durham School Services in London this year at the Global Value Awards. 

“She is very deserving. I am so excited for her,” said Mclellan. “I can’t think of a better person to win this award.”