Spokane Schools beginning plans to bring 3-5 graders back to in-person learning

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Following the lead of Governor Inslee’s recommendation for returning kids to in-person learning, Spokane Schools said Wednesday it’s beginning to plan to bring 3rd through 5th graders back into the classroom.

Superintendent Adam Swinyard told the school board Wednesday the district will announce a plan for that phase-in process at the board meeting on January 6th. Swinyard called it a substantial change to the school reopening plan.

There was no mention of 6th graders, even though Spokane Schools 6th graders are in elementary schools, not middle schools.

Most Spokane Schools students were last in their buildings in mid-March. Spokane Schools has slowly phased students back in, with kindergarten through 2nd grade currently attending school in person every day.

Wednesday, Governor Inslee laid out new guidelines for phasing students back to school. He pointed to research that shows little in-school transmission of COVID-19 in schools.

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Dr. Swinyard said Wednesday the district has had seven cases of transmission within the school.

Most other districts in the Spokane area have been slightly more aggressive with bringing students back into the classroom. Mead Schools have offered in-person classes since school resumed in the fall.