Spokane School District makes choosing schools easy with Enrollment Fair

Spokane School District makes choosing schools easy with Enrollment Fair

Do you want your child to go to a school other than the one in your neighborhood? Spokane Public Schools is making that process easier.

Many students go to their neighborhood school and do just fine there, but as parent know, every child’s learning style is different, and their neighborhood school might not be the best fit. On Saturday, Spokane Public Schools held an Enrollment Fair to give parents a better idea of their options.

Spokane parent Victoria Van Inwegen came to the enrollment fair to learn more about all the schools she could send her son to next year. ?

“I am honestly amazed the school district has put this together,” she said, “because it’s impressive how many choices there are for our students in the public school system.”

Some of the more than twenty schools featured at the fair included Spokane’s Community School, the new Institute of Science and Technology at North Central High School, Spokane’s Montessori, and the two new Charter schools.

These options are exciting for Victoria, who is looking for the perfect school for her incoming 7th grader.

“I know my sixth grader best,” she explained, “nobody knows him better than his dad and I, and I want to make the best educational choice for him.”

Spokane Public School officials said the fair is a way for students and parents to interact with representatives from each school so they know exactly what is available.

“The vast majority of our families are happy and well served in our neighborhood school, but we know one size doesn’t fit all and some families are just looking for something unique and different and that’s what we’re helping to develop and helping to get the word out, and the Enrollment Fair is a great place for families to come on down and ask their very specific questions,” explained Jeannette Vaughn with Spokane Public Schools.

By making this information more accessible for families, the District hopes students will end up in the school that best fits their needs.

“I believe the District has turned a corner on saying ‘let’s innovate, let’s give parents choices, give them options, let them do some educated shopping and let’s meet all kids needs,” explained Randall James, the Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at North Central. “So it’s very exciting.”

Spokane Public Schools recently launched a new enrollment program on their website to make the process of applying for a school outside your neighborhood easier.

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